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  Version 8923 (updated 2015-02-26)                     Download                   Upgrade Instruction         


  Version 8923 (updated 2015-02-26)                      Download                   Upgrade Instruction         

        What's changed in version 8923?

1. Improved Manual Scanning Process
Allows manual frequencies to be entered for improved channel scanning. 

2. Series Tag Deletion 
Resolves occasional series tags that kept recording even after being deleted. 

3. Hard Drive Free Space 
Reflects the correct free hard drive space after deleting multiple recordings. 

4. Standby Recordings 
Issues with simultaneous recordings over multiple networks in standby resolved. 

5. Auto-tune Reminder 
Reminders will automatically tune to the channel if there is a free tuner available. 

     Previous Release Notes for the PVR9600T/Q


VAST DSR4639    

 Version 3.250 L13 (updated 2014-10-16)            Download                   Upgrade Instruction      

VAST DSD4121    

 Version 2.400 L82 (updated 2014-10-16)            Download                   Upgrade Instruction      


    Version 040511 (updated 2011-05-24)                 Download                   Upgrade Instruction     


    Version 140411 (updated 2011-05-24)                 Download                   Upgrade Instruction