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  Version 7381 (updated 2014-08-12)                     Download                   Upgrade Instruction       


  Version 7381 (updated 2014-08-12)                      Download                   Upgrade Instruction       

       What's changed in version 7381?

1. Resume playback popup fixed

Resolved issue causing resume playback popup to not appear.
        The resume playback popup will now appear if you have watched more than 10 seconds of the program

       What's changed in version 7359?

1. Jump modes
Jump modes for 5, 10, 15 and 30 seconds have been added.

2. Mute
The mute status indicator will remain onscreen while the set top box is muted. 

3. Other improvements for general usability



VAST DSR4639    

 Version 3.250 L13 (updated 2014-10-16)            Download                   Upgrade Instruction      

VAST DSD4121    

 Version 2.400 L82 (updated 2014-10-16)            Download                   Upgrade Instruction      


    Version 040511 (updated 2011-05-24)                 Download                   Upgrade Instruction     


    Version 140411 (updated 2011-05-24)                 Download                   Upgrade Instruction