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Altech Multimedia appoints NAS Australia as its Master Distributor in Australia


Altech Multimedia, the parent entity of Altech UEC (UEC), is pleased to announce the appointment of NAS Australia (NAS) as its Master Distributor in Australia.


As many of UEC's customers will recall, NAS were the Master Distributor from the late 90's until mid-2010, when UEC undertook its own distribution and support during the Australian digital migration era.


Following this highly successful phase, Altech Multimedia have decided to focus its sales efforts on institutional business in the greater APAC region, and is once again entrusting NAS to further grow the UEC brand and manage all after-sales support activities.


NAS's General Manager, John Kimbell, says, "NAS is perfectly positioned to continue the distribution of UEC's wide range of VAST-certified products as well as grow the market share of UEC's new products designed for the Australian free-to-air market."


UEC's Managing Director, Russell Futter, says, "The appointment of NAS allows Altech Multimedia to focus on large international projects whilst continuing to develop innovative new products for the Australian market. This is all made possible, knowing that the brand is in the excellent hands of a highly respected distributor like NAS."


Over the coming weeks, UEC will phase all sales and support activities to John and his competent team at NAS. All current stock have already been relocated to the NAS Brisbane-based facility. Support calls and emails are being redirected to NAS, ensuring continuity of service excellence during this transition period.


NAS contact details for sales and service enquiries relating to UEC's products are listed below.


UEC wish to thank all of its loyal customers for the many years of support and trust that NAS will enjoy the same continued patronage for many years to come.


NAS Australia contact details for UEC products are as follows:

Website:  http://nasaustralia.com.au 

Phone enquiries: (07) 3015 8790

Sales email enquiries:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Service email enquiries:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Logistics enquiries (optional):  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


About Altech Multimedia

Altech Multimedia is a leading developer of digital technology for the International Pay-TV Industry and specialises in the provision of integrated solutions comprising specialised hardware supported by innovative software solutions and global logistical support services.


ALTECH Multimedia has a global reach with technical development and support centres in South Africa, India and Australia and sales support offices in South Africa, Australia, India and Israel.


ALTECH Multimedia boasts a Blue-Chip client base and an award winning product portfolio as well as an enviable reputation amongst its partners and peers as one of the most technologically capable businesses in the industry. We employ approximately 1250 people worldwide with access to over 220 qualified and experienced Electronic and Software Engineers and Technicians.


As a pioneer of the DVB STB industry having launched a world-first DVB STB in 1995, ALTECH Multimedia continues to lead the industry through the development of ground-breaking products custom designed to suit each Network Operator’s unique technical and commercial requirements. Since that time, we have consistently been in the forefront of digital technical innovation, enabling it to capture market share around the world.


About NAS Australia

Established in 1982, NAS Australia is an Australian family-owned and operated wholesaler of cutting edge TV reception, custom installation and security products. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver the right products at the right price, backed by exceptional pre- and post-sale services. With over three decades of industry experience, NAS are the fully qualified experts in the TV reception industry.


Among the pioneers of products and techniques for reception of analogue and subsequently digital satellite television in Australia, NAS has continued to provide leading equipment solutions to the installation trades throughout Australia and the South Pacific region.